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written by Maya Jenkins

exclusively for Freeform

(Formerly ABC Family)

All rights to Disney ABC


Group / Freeform





MAYA J - LIKE YOU (2019)


MAYA J original song “Tell Me” - on Freeform’s ‘Famous in Love’ Season 2 (2018). Performance, Original Music, and Lyrics by Maya Jenkins. Produced by Blair Taylor.


©️ABC Television Group / Freeform.

MAYA J - Behind the scenes of the creation of the COME FIND ME video (2018)

TV and fILM

"Stay Sparkly" is the true belief and optimistic mantra of a girl who has once seen incredibly dark days. Maya Jenkins, the upbeat actress, singer and songwriter born and bred in the entertainment capital of the world, is the one who coined the expression.


The now experienced, well-rounded performer was born with the gift of music, and did that & only that for years. "Music has always been with me. It's always been in my family. I could sing before I could even speak, and I took my first ever music lesson when I was 5."


Growing up in a performing arts community, she began playing the violin, which still remains her favorite instrument to date.


Maya longed to include acting in her her life of arts. After the firm decision to pursue the passion, Maya set her sights extremely high. Her very first role was one that would set the stage for a successful career in TV & Film. Playing the family friend of a murdered classmate in the short film masterpiece “MUTED” Starring Chandra Wilson and Malcolm - Jamal Warner, she learned much about her newfound professional industry. She would carry this knowledge, newly gained confidence, and well-deserved credit on to accompany her on more successes both in her acting and music fields.


Maya’s debut single , “Symptoms of You”, shows that an artist’s soul is both talented and tortured. The pop songstress shines in this sultry power ballad, written in its entirety by Maya J herself.


“I wrote this song last year, and it took me while to make sure it came to this point. I collaborated with an amazing piano player who helped bring what I wrote to life. The song is ambiguous I think. To one person, it may be quite clear what it means. But then another person may feel just as sure that it means something completely different. I personally feel that this song represents the feelings we all get sometimes when we’ve been hurt, or we long for something, or someone’s got us down. That something or someone has got us trapped by the need or desire for it. I really hope I created a piece of art that people are able to love and relate to in some way. I hope this song has the ability to make someone’s moment great, just like all awesome songs do.”


While there are many miles to go, She's ready for it.  The lead single, "Come Find Me", - off of her latest musical compilation that will be titled "Symptoms of Life" - is now available everywhere, and its music video is now playing on VEVO and more.


This artist has been consistent in thankfulness and humility, even after the success of “Come Find Me”, and the song earning Maya her very first major radio play, nationwide.


Maya J reminds fans that her everyday motto, ‘Stay Sparkly’, truly comes from an emotional place in her latest single, “Like You”. While the young songwriter gains major style points for composing & writing the new record, she continues to show off her passionate, sensual, heartfelt, & moody tendencies with a recording that officially puts her in the lanes of pop music veterans.


"Entertaining - I always knew that's where I had to end up, because I love it. It's me. I want to entertain, and be a part of an industry that, in my opinion, is so vital to the Public's enjoyment and free time today. I am so beyond excited to accomplish my goals, not only professionally, but also personally. My performance is personal. I want to make myself happy as well. I'm happy when I am surrounded by the arts, and this amazing industry. That's just a fact."



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